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Premeno Duo 5mg Vaginal Ovules 10's


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Premeno Duo 5mg Vaginal Ovules 10's

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Vaginal dryness relief
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Premeno Duo 5mg Vaginal Ovules 10's

The hormone free medical device Premeno® duo is the first ovule that both regulates the moisture balance of the vagina and restores the natural pH for defence against infections. Premeno® duo is a supportive treatment for the correction of vaginal dryness, including during and after the menopause. 

Premeno® duo supports the recovery of tissues and promotes wound healing, even after childbirth or chemotherapy. 

The hormone free medical device Premeno® duo is the first ovule that both regulates the moisture balance of the vagina and restores the natural pH for defence against infections.

One out of five women suffers from vaginal dryness

One out of five women

Especially before, during and after the menopause, many women find that the walls of their vagina become drier.

Other reasons for vaginal dryness can be changes in the hormonal balance when breastfeeding, using hormonal contraceptives or drugs that influence the body’s natural estrogen production. But also psychological factors like stress or cancer treatment (chemotherapy/radiotherapy) can cause vaginal dryness. 

This results in an uncomfortable or burning sensation, itching, irritation, painful intercourse and the formation of wounds or cracking. Many women therefore ‘feel less like having sex’. 

There is now a solution to this discomfort because Premeno® duo vaginal ovules contain hyaluronic acid and give back what nature has taken away.



  • Contains no hormones
  • Restores moisture levels in the vagina
  • Adheres to the vaginal wall
  • Has excellent lubricating (sliding) properties
  • Helps wounds to heal
  • For maintenance, use only once every 3 days
  • Has the appropriate pH (degree of acidity).
  • Improves defence against vaginal infection
  • Is a handy ovule so no messing around with gels and applicators

Ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid, sodium lactate. 
Other ingredients: Fats, ceteareth, beeswax, sorbitan monstearate, macrogels.


Application of 1x daily to 1x every 3rd day has proven to be effective for the prevention and treatment of dry vaginal epithelium.

The ovule is simple to insert into the vagina. The ovule is inserted with a finger as deep as possible into the vagina where it melts completely within a few minutes.
For vaginal dryness as a result of oestrogen deficiency during or after the menopause:

Initial therapy: Insert one ovule in the evening before bedtime over a period of 10 consecutive days. 

Maintenance therapy: For a lasting effect you should insert 1 ovule every 3rd day, for as long as you feel this is desirable.

Tips for use:
Vaginal moistness may be greatly increased in isolated cases; wearing a panty liner is therefore recommended.  If the vaginal wall is very sensitive, the ovule can be inserted more easily if it is briefly held under warm water before insertion.
  • Premeno® Duo should not be used after the expiry date (see date printed on
    outer package).
  •  Medical supervision is recommended if the ovules are used in acute or severe vaginal infections.
  • The product should not be used in known hypersensitivity to individual
  • Risks for the unborn child are unknown, but due to a lack of research, application during pregnancy cannot be recommended.
  • Since the ovules base contains modified natural fats, condoms or diaphragms
    made from natural latex should not be used at the same time as Premeno®
  • Side effects: Since the ovules contain lactic acid, mild skin reactions (mild burning or itching) may occur in rare cases, particularly if the vaginal epithelium is very dry and/or damaged. These usually disappear within a short period.
  • Storage instructions: Store Premeno® Duo in a dry place at 4 °C to 25 °C and protected from light.



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