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Celebrity Slim is an amazingly simple Program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off

You certainly don't need to be a celebrity to benefit from the Celebrity Slim Program. It's a simple, flexible, nutritionally balanced meal replacement weight loss program that can help anyone lose weight fast, get slim and stay that way.

There's no calorie-counting, no points system and no gimmicks. It's justweight loss and weight management - pure and simple.

So how does Celebrity Slim work?

Celebrity Slim is easy to follow and based on regular snacks and healthy eating. On the Trim Phase, simply replace 2 meals each day with delicious Celebrity Slim shakes, soups or bars, eat 1 healthy balanced meal and snack up to 3 times on a variety of yummy, allowable foods between meals.Drinking lots of water is also very important, so we recommend at least 2 litres per day. (There are lots of other allowable drinks you can enjoy too; check them out in the Slimming Foods: What Can I Eat? section.)

On the Rapid Phase, simply consume 3 Rapid Shakes or Rapid Bars plus 1 healthy balanced meal each day (plus 2 litres of water and any other allowable drinks of your choice).

Once you've reached your goal weight, the Maintain Phase will help ease you back into a healthy lifestyle routine designed to help you sustain your weight loss results in the long run, with 1 Celebrity Slim meal replacement, 2 healthy balanced meals and 3 snacks per day. Learn more about the Rapid, Trim and Maintain Phases here.

Celebrity Slim is not a 'quick fix' that will send your weight yo-yoing either. It's about changing the way you think about food and helping you change your eating habits - so you don't just lose weight, you learn how to keep it off in the long term.

Put simply, the Celebrity Slim Weight Loss Program works by boosting your metabolism to burn more calories to help you lose weight fast. This is achieved by restricting the amount of carbohydrates and overall energy calories in your diet, and eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day (this includes snacks) rather than the traditional 2-3 larger meals.

To find more info, please visit http://celebrityslim.co.nz/


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